1月 31

korien_jan31“Good luck in your school play. You’re gonna knock ‘em dead.”

To “knock them dead” sounds like killing people by hitting them, but it actually just means to impress the audience with a good performance.


「Knock them dead」と聞くと「殴って殺す」というようなイメージを持ちますが、実際は演技・演奏などで観客を感動させることです。

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1月 24

korien_jan24“He jumped the gun by assigning blame before seeing the evidence.”

To “jump the gun” is to start running before the starting gun of a race. We can use it to describe any situation in which someone does something too soon.


「Jump the gun」とはレースでスタートの合図の銃が鳴る前に走り出すことです。誰かが何かをする時、早まった行動をした時に使えます。

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1月 17

korien_jan17“She has a bun in the oven.”

This sentence means that she’s pregnant! The bun is not actually a small piece of bread, but a baby. The oven is the mother’s belly. This phrase first appeared around the 1950s.

「She has a bun in the oven. (直訳すると:オーブンにパンがあります。)」


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1月 10

korien_jan10“80%? That’s a pretty good grade in my book.”
“He saved that dog. That makes him a hero in my book.”

“In my book” means “in my opinion”. Imagine you wrote down everything you believed in a book. The book would explain all your opinions and judgments.


「in my book(私の本で)」とはつまり「私の意見では」という意味です。信じること思うことを全て一冊の本に書き留めたと想像してください。その本を読むと自分の意見や判断が全てわかります。

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12月 21

korien_dec21“Dad chewed me out for forgetting to feed the dog this morning.”

To chew someone out is to yell at or scold them for something they have done (or not done). There might not be any other punishment, but the angry yelling is a punishment in itself.


誰かを「chew out」するとはその人がやったこと(もしくはやらなかったこと)について怒鳴る・叱ることです。他に罰がなくても怒鳴られるだけで十分罰になります。

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12月 14

korien_dec14“You’re going to play video games all night even though the test is tomorrow? Oh well, it’s no skin off my nose.”

If someone is doing something that might cause harm to them, but won’t affect us, we say it’s “no skin off our nose”. The speaker won’t be hurt—the skin on their nose won’t be damaged. The person making the decision to stay up and not study might be hurt, but it won’ t affect the speaker.


誰かがその人自身に害を与えるような行動をしようとしていて、話し手には害はないという状況で使う表現です。“no skin off our nose”話し手の鼻に傷はつかない―つまり影響がないということです。勉強せずに徹夜する人には害があるかもしれませんが話し手には関係ありません。

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12月 07

korien_dec7“This story really tugged at my heartstrings.”

We say this about sad things that cause an emotional response. Something that evokes sympathy is said to tug, or pull, at your heartstrings. It can also be used with cute things or beloved children that cause feelings of affection.


感情を引き出す悲しい話などに使うフレーズです。英語で同情するという表現は「to tug, or pull, at your heartstrings」(「心の糸、深い感情」を引っ張る)と言います。かわいい、愛らしいものや愛しい子供など、愛を感じさせるものにも使えます。

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11月 30

korien_nov30“Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and give someone bad news.”
“I wanted to go to the concert but I couldn’t risk failing the test the next day, so I bit the bullet and spend the evening studying.”

To “bite the bullet” is to deal with a painful or unpleasant situation that cannot be avoided. Many people say it comes from surgery patients biting down on bullets in order to endure pain, in the days before anesthesia.


「bite the bullet(弾丸を噛む)」とは避けられない痛み、不愉快なことに耐えるという意味です。麻酔がなかった時代に手術の痛みに耐えるために弾丸を噛んだという噂です。

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11月 16

korien_nov16“This table is too heavy to move by myself. Can you lend me a hand?”

“Beth is moving house this weekend so I’m going to go lend her a hand.”

If a person had four hands instead of two, could they do twice as much work? When someone “lends a hand”, they usually use their whole body and mind to help, not just an extra hand.




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11月 09

korien_nov9“We’re getting Sally her own car for her birthday. But keep it under your hat—it’s going to be a surprise!”

To keep something under your hat is to keep it a secret and not tell anyone about it. If it’s hidden under your hat, no one can see it—a secret!



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