Dec 22


Dec 22

Jake: Can I borrow your kitchen to make a sandwich? I’m starving.

Clementine: Be my guest. Just don’t use all the pickles.

This phrase is used to invite someone to do something. You can also say, “Go ahead.” Sometimes it implies that the speaker is not going to do the same thing. (It carries a sense of “I won’t, so you go ahead.” For example: “Ugh, I don’t like these new crackers.” “Can I have some?” “Be my guest!”)



このフレーズは、誰かに何かを促したり許可を与えたりする時に使います。他に「Go ahead」などの言い方があります。話し手がそれをしないときによく使います。(「私はいいからあなたはどうぞ」みたいな意味です。例えば:「げっ、この新しいクラッカーはあまり好きじゃないな」「私が食べてもいい?」「どうぞ」)

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Dec 21

There were some minor setbacks, but ____ the project went very well.

A. however
B. overall
C. considerately
D. proportionately



Aの「however」は「but」とかぶっているからここでは使えません。Cの「considerately」は、「considering」に似ていますが、実は「気を使って」という意味です。(「Considering」だったら「but considering that, it went well」の形で使えます。)「Proportionately」は「比例して」の意味なので、トラブルが大きいほど成功するみたいな言い方になり不適切です。やはりBの「overall」(全体的)が一番適切です。

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Dec 20

The bear and the bull are animals used to symbolize the mood of the stock market. When it is a bull market, prices are going up and traders are optimistic. When it is a bear market, prices are falling and few people want to buy, which makes prices fall even further.

株式市場の状態を表す言葉として、動物の熊と雄牛が使われます。Bull market(上げ相場)では、株価が上がりトレーダーも楽観的になります。Bear market(下げ相場)では、株価が下がり、誰も買いたがらないのでさらに下落します。

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Dec 19

Paul: Can’t you just leave your cell phone at home while we go out to the movies? I want to have a relaxing time with no intrusions.
Martha: I know, but I feel insecure if I don’t keep it close at hand. What if I get an urgent message from my boss?

If something is within arm’s reach it is close at hand. When working, it is best to keep all the tools you might need close at hand. A person can also be close at hand if they are nearby and available in case you need them.


手が届く場所にあるものは「close at hand」です。仕事中、手元に必要な物すべてが揃っていると便利ですね。近くにいて、呼ばれたらすぐに飛んでくる人も「close at hand」です。

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Dec 18

A calf is a baby cow. But it can also be a baby moose, or a baby whale, elephant, or many other animals. Another thing that is called by this name is the big muscle in your lower leg.


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Dec 17

Santa Claus lives at the North Pole. Near Christmas, you can see him at the shopping mall, asking children what they want for Christmas and posing for photos with them. He has a team of elves that build the toys for the children, and reindeer that pull his flying sleigh.


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Dec 15

Thelma: So I saw you at the movie theater with Brian. Does your boyfriend know about this?

Julia: Oh, we broke up last week.

Thelma: Oh, really? Well, Brian is a better guy, anyway.

When two people who are dating stop being a couple, it is said that they break up. Other things can break up (such as ice that is melting or an airplane that falls apart while flying) but they are whole objects that break into many pieces, not two whole objects that were stuck together but now come apart (like the couple that stopped dating).




付き合っている二人がカップルじゃなくなるときは「break up」(別れる)と言います。他に「break up」するものがあります(溶けかけている氷や空中でばらばらになる飛行機など)。ですが、これらはひとつの物がばらばらになって破片がたくさんできます。カップルの例で言えば、こちらは二つのくっついたものが離れるイメージです。

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Dec 14

We need to make our system for handling customer complaints more deficient.

A. need to make
B. handling
C. customer complaints
D. more deficient




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Dec 13

Humans are bipeds. Dogs are quadrupeds. What about cats?

Cats are quadrupeds, too. “Quadruped” means any animal with four legs. The root “ped” means “foot”. Humans have two feet, so we are bipeds. Cats, dogs, horses, elephants, and pandas have four feet, so they are quadrupeds.



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