Feb 28

One year is 365 days long, but the Earth does not take exactly 365 days to go around the sun once. To keep the seasons from slowly shifting into different months, we must add an extra day every four years. The day we add is February 29. Most years, February only has 28 days, but in a leap year, it has 29.


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Feb 27

Husband: How do you set the clock on this gadget?
Wife: Well, I have the instruction manual, but it’s all Greek to me.
Husband: Let’s just get the kids to do it.

Most English speakers don’t know any Greek at all. When they see something they don’t understand in the slightest, it might as well be written in Greek. If they don’t understand what someone is saying, he or she might as well be speaking Greek.



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Feb 26

Icicles are long pointed pieces of ice that hang downward. They form when dripping water freezes. If you live in a place that gets cold in winter, you might see them on the edge of your roof! Do you see icicles in winter? What places are too warm to form icicles even in winter?


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Feb 25

This waterfall is located in Quebec, Canada. It is 84 meters high, higher than Niagara Falls. Where can you see waterfalls in Japan? Are there any near you?


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Feb 23

Bill: Look, I found a clarinet in the attic.

Ted: Can you play it?


Bill: I guess I’m not much of a musician.

If you are not a very good writer, you are not much of a writer. If I build a secret base, but it is just a cardboard box in my living room (it’s not a very good base), it’s not much of a secret base.






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Feb 22

I was able to catch a ______ of my favorite movie star as he went into the hotel.

A. glimpse
B. look
C. stare
D. gaze


Do more TOEIC practice here!

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Feb 21

On this day in 1958, the peace symbol was designed to protest nuclear weapons. The symbol comes from semaphore signals for the letters N and D, standing for “nuclear disarmament”. Other things that have been used to symbolize peace are doves, olive branches, white poppies, and a V hand symbol. The latter is a popular pose for photographs in Japan.

1958年の今日、ピース(平和)のシンボルが核兵器反対のためにデザインされました。シンボルは手旗信号のNとDの文字からきています。NとDは「nuclear disarmament(核軍縮)」を略したものです。他に平和のシンボルといえば、鳩、オリーブの木の枝、白いケシの花、手で作るVサインがあります。最後のVサインは、日本では写真を撮るときのポーズとして人気があります。

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Feb 20

Jack: My son is such a trouble maker.
Martha: Tell me about it. My little Billy escaped from his bath yesterday and ran around the neighborhood in his birthday suit!

When a baby is born, it is not wearing any clothes. So your “birthday suit” refers to the clothes you were wearing when you were born: nothing!



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Feb 19

Last week was Valentine’s Day. Did you give anyone chocolate? Valentine’s is a romantic holiday, but romance always carries the risk of heartbreak. When someone is very sad after being rejected or breaking up, we say their heart is broken.


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Feb 18

The fur of some animals, like this fox, turns white in winter, so that the animal can blend in with the snow. Do you know any other animals that change color with the seasons?



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