Mar 30

Jane: Did Spot like the toy I bought him?

Martha: Yes, he has already ripped it to shreds.

Jane: Well, so much for that toy!

We say “so much for X” when X has been destroyed or ended. In this case “so much” doesn’t mean “a lot” but “that specific amount.” The thing we are talking about only lasted this long.




「So much for ~」は、その~が破壊された又は終わったときに使います。この場合の「so much」は「たくさん」ではなくて、「このくらい」です。話しているものは、もはやこれまでだった、これ限りだったという意味です。

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Mar 29

Without this _______ information we cannot make a decision.

A. excruciating
B. insignificant
C. crucial
D. cloying


Do more TOEIC practice here!

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Mar 28

Most cats have five toes on their front paws, but some cats have more. Cats with extra “fingers” are called polydactyl cats. They may not have the same number on both sides! They are also called Hemingway cats, because there are many polydactyl cats living at the home of famous author Ernest Hemingway. They are not common in Japan. Have you ever seen a polydactyl cat?


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Mar 27

“This apartment is such a hole in the wall. I wish I could afford to live in a big house in a nice neighborhood.”

A hole in the wall is a small, out-of-the-way place. It refers to an indoor place, such as a home or business. Although the connotation is not positive, a hole-in-the-wall business can sometimes offer great value to customers who know where to find it.



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Mar 26

Water can take several forms. When it gets cold and freezes, it becomes ice. When it gets hot and evaporates, it becomes steam. Steam can be used to power trains and cook food. Steam is invisible, but it condenses to form tiny floating water droplets in the air, and people call this white mist “steam” as well.


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Mar 25

When children wake up on Easter Sunday, they might find the Easter Bunny has left them a basket. Like Santa Claus at Christmas, the Easter Bunny visits while the children are asleep and leaves presents. The basket is decorated with plastic grass and filled with candy, eggs, and a toy rabbit.


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Mar 23

Fred: I can’t believe the butler did it! What about the maid’s missing alibi?

George: That was just a red herring.

A red herring is something that seems important, but is actually just there to distract you from what is really important. It is common in mystery stories, because it would not be very interesting if it was too easy to solve the crime.




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Mar 22

Because of the problem with your flight, we refund the price of your ticket.

Where is the mistake?
A. Because of
B. with your flight
C. we refund
D. price of your


通常の「ポリシー」や「もしも問題があった場合」の話ではありません。そうならば、「If there is a problem with your flight」などで始まるはずです。実際に問題があったので返金するという文です。なので、「返金する」という意味の「refund」の形に問題があります。これから返金するなら、「will refund」の未来形になります。もう返金が済んでいるなら「have refunded」の完了形が望ましいです。今返金している途中でも現在進行形の「are refunding」にしないといけません。よって正解はCです。

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Mar 21

A coffee table is a long low table. A coffee table book is a large, hardcover book with lots of nice color pictures. You leave it on your coffee table. When you have guests, they can look at the book while they are waiting, or talk about the book as an icebreaker. Coffee table books are usually nonfiction. If they told stories, guests could not look at only a few pages while waiting.


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Mar 19



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