Apr 27





Apr 27

Bertha: Frank, you always spoil Valentine’s Day.

Frank: What? I sent you a lovely bouquet!

Bertha: In a pig’s eye! This is just a pile of wilted weeds.

This phrase is used when something is not as good as someone says. Maybe if a pig looked at it, the pig would think it was that great. But pigs eat garbage, so they cannot judge these things.






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Apr 26

I hate horror movies. I cannot ____ to watch the scary parts!

Fill in the blank.
A. bear
B. bare
C. sit
D. stare


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Apr 25

Have you ever walked on a thick carpet and then gotten a shock when you touched something metal? Static electricity occurs when electrons are rubbed off of one surface onto another. If one of the surfaces is you, you will get a shock when you touch something that is a good conductor connected to the ground.


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Apr 24

Josh: I know it’s late, but would you like to stay for dinner?
Betty: That’s music to my ears. I’m starving.

When we hear something that makes us happy, we can describe it as “music to our ears”. In this example, Betty liked what Josh said, but it can refer to sounds other than speech as well. For example, the sound of construction is loud and irritating, but if you own the building being made, it could be music to your ears.



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Apr 23

Bob: Do me a favor.
Joe: What is it?
Bob: Watch my kids tonight so I can go out to a movie with my wife.

A favor is something nice you do for someone. If you have done someone a lot of favors and they haven’t paid you back somehow, you could say they owe you a favor. If you like an idea, you are “in favor” of it. If you win a lawsuit, the court decided “in your favor”.


「Favor」は人にしてあげる優しいことです。たくさんお願いを聞いてあげたのに、お返しを何もしてもらっていない場合、借りがあると言えます。アイディアに賛成するとき、そのアイディアに対して「in favor」と言います。裁判所は、勝訴した人に対して「in your favor」とも言います。

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Apr 22

Many baby animals are born in spring. In the winter, it is too cold and there is not enough food for baby animals to survive. But in spring, it becomes warm and food is plentiful.


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Apr 20

Dad: Do you want some orange juice?

Lizzy: Yes!

Dad: OK, say “when”!

Lizzy: When!

When someone pours you a drink, they might ask you to say “when”. That means they don’t know how much you want to drink, so you should say something when they have poured enough into your glass. Perhaps it is an abbreviation of “Say when it is enough.”






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Apr 19

I cannot figure out how to install my printer. Can you give me some assisting?

Where is the mistake?
A. cannot figure out
B. how to install
C. Can you give me
D. some assisting


「Figure out」は変わった言い方ですが、「自力で理解する」という意味です。Assistingのように、動詞の最後に「ing」をつけて名詞扱いすることがあります。歌詞に「give me some loving」と用いたりしますが、この場合カジュアルすぎて不適切です。「Assist」の正式な名詞の形、「assistance」にしましょう。正解はDです。

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Apr 18

“Mikan” is often translated as “orange,” but they are different from the fruit you will get if you ask for an orange. There are many kinds of mikans and many kinds or oranges, but the mikans belong to a group of fruits called “mandarin oranges”. In general, oranges are hard to peel than mandarin oranges.


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