Jun 29

Dad: “Look, Jimmy fell asleep while playing with blocks.”

Mom: “Aww, he’s all tuckered out.”

“Tuckered out” means “tired” or “exhausted”. It is sort of a cute word, so it is often used to talk about children or animals.



「Tuckered out」は「疲れた」や「疲れ果てた」という意味です。なんだかかわいい単語なのでよく動物や子供のことを言うのに使います。

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Jun 28

The shoppers were ______ to the bright colors and cheerful music.

Fill in the blank.
A. drawn
B. attract
C. lead
D. repelled


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Jun 27

June 24 is Take Your Dog to Work Day in the U.S. and U.K. It was started in the 1990s to convince more people to adopt homeless dogs. But having dogs at work can also help relieve stress and make the workplace more fun.


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Jun 26

“Let’s go to the movie on Monday. The theater will be jam-packed on the weekend.”

“Jam-packed” means very full or crowded. “To jam” means to force something into something else, so it makes sense to think that something would be jam-packed after someone jammed a lot of things into it. However, the word might come from jelly doughnuts being packed full of jam.



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Jun 25

An accordion is a musical instrument. It has keys to change the note, and a long folded section that can be expanded and compressed. This makes the air flow, which produces sound.


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Jun 24

A sewing machine is a machine that sews. It has a “foot” that holds the cloth while the needle makes a stitch. But a human must guide the cloth so that it sews in the right direction and at the right speed. Have you ever used a sewing machine?

ミシンは縫い物をするための機械です。針で布を縫い合わせる際に布をおさえる「foot 足」があります。でも正しい方向に正しいスピードで縫うように人が布を導かないといけません。あなたはミシンを使ったことがありますか?

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Jun 22

Jenkins: “What system should we use for—”

Boss: “Whatever you want, Jenkins. I’m giving you free rein on this project.”

Reins are the long strips of leather or rope that we use to control a horse while riding. In this conversation, Jenkins is the horse, and his boss is the rider. If the boss lets Jenkins do whatever he wants, Jenkins has “free rein”.




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Jun 21

The meeting started late, but that gave me time to retrieve the papers I had forgetting in my office.

Where is the mistake?
A. started late
B. gave me time
C. retrieve
D. forgetting

過去完了形は、過去の時点ですでに終わっていることを表します。この場合、書類を忘れたことは、会議室についた時点ではすでに終わっていることです。過去完了形の形に問題があります。「Had forgetting」ではなく「had forgotten」が正しいです。よって正解はDです。

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Jun 20

Rocky road is an ice cream flavor in the U.S. It is chocolate ice cream with nuts and marshmallows. The nuts and marshmallows must be the rocks on the chocolate road. You might also see vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips, nuts, and marshmallows. There is also a dessert called “rocky road” (popular in the U.K. and Australia) that is chocolate with nuts and marshmallows.


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Jun 19

“Look at this giant hole in my car! It will cost thousands to fix!”
“It’s just a tiny scratch. You’re really making a mountain out of a molehill.”

A molehill is a tiny pile of dirt that gets pushed up when a mole digs a hole. A mountain is many thousands of times as big as a molehill. If someone exaggerates a problem, he is seeing a molehill and thinking it is as big as a mountain.



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