Jul 31

“Tonight is the big concert! Are you nervous?”
“Yes, I have butterflies in my stomach already.”

If you are nervous about performing in front of people or asking someone on a date, you might have a funny feeling in your stomach. It feels like butterflies are flapping around inside! Have you ever felt this?



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Jul 30

A mutt is a mixed-breed dog. Sometimes people use it as an affectionate or insulting name for any dog. Mutts can be more unique than pure-bred dogs, and are less likely to get illnesses that are common to certain breeds.


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Jul 29

The ruby is the birth stone of the month of July. They come in a range of shades of red or pink. The brighter red a ruby is, the more valuable it is.



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Jul 27

Commentator: “Normally I would expect the Tigers to win this game easily, but with their star player injured, all bets are off.”

When something unusual makes it impossible to predict what will happen, we say “all bets are off”. When you bet on a sport, you can see how much you will win according to the odds. The idea is that when something extraordinary happens, the odds because meaningless, and the bets are cancelled.


珍しいことが起こってどうなるか予想がつかないときは「all bets are off」と言います。スポーツで賭け事をすると、勝てばどれくらいもらえるかが賭け率でわかります。このフレーズでは、異常な状態が発生して賭け率が意味を失うので賭けは全部キャンセルされます。

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Jul 26

The location is not very convenient, because there are no train stations or bus stops in the _________.

Fill in the blank.
A. proximity
B. approximate
C. near
D. nearby


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Jul 25

“The Pied Piper” is a fairy tale about a man who saved a town from rats. The town was overrun with rats, so they asked for the piper’s help. He played his flute and the rats followed him out of the town. Then he asked for the money the town had agreed to give him, but the town refused. So he led away the town’s children in the same way as the rats! Now we say we have to “pay the piper” when we have to pay an unpleasant price for something. It is better than the alternative!

「ハーメルンの笛吹き」はネズミから町を救った人のおとぎ話です(Piedは「まだら」、Piperは「笛を吹く人」という意味です)。町がネズミだらけになってしまったので、町人はパイパーに助けを求めました。パイパーが笛を吹くと、ネズミは彼の後について町から出て行きました。パイパーは約束された報酬を支払うよう町人にお願いしましたが、彼らは約束を破り、お金を支払いませんでした。パイパーは仕返しにネズミと同じように町中の子供達を連れて行きました。今では、嫌でもお金を払わないといけないときに、「pay the piperパイパーに払わなきゃ」と言います。払わないよりはマシですから!

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Jul 24

Businessman: “I can’t believe Shirley got us such a good price! She’s really on her game!”

When you are on your game, you are doing something to the best of your ability. “Game” refers to sports, but you can say this about any skill. If you are off your game, you are not doing the best job you can. It’s not that you are not trying, but you are not living up to your full potential.


「On your game」は、自分の才能を最大限に出せている状態です。「ゲーム」はスポーツに引用されますが、どんなスキルについても言えます。「Off your game」は、実力を出せていないという意味です。頑張っていないわけではないですが、才能を十分発揮できていない状態です。

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Jul 23

An ant is an insect that lives in a hill of dirt and sometimes bites. An aunt is your parent’s sister. Sometimes children call older women who are their friends or their parents’ friends “aunt”. But it is not as common as the use of “aunt” in Japanese to mean any older woman.


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Jul 22

Water lilies are flowers that bloom on the surface of the water. They also have big flat leaves called lily pads.

スイレンは水の上で咲く花です。大きくて平たい葉は「lily pad」と呼ばれます。

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Jul 20

“That pizza was delicious!”

“Yeah, I’ve been craving pizza all week. That really hits the spot!”

When a food is very satisfying, we say it “hits the spot”.



食べ物がとても満足させるときに、それを「hits the spot」と言います。


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