Sep 30

A skyscraper is a very tall building. It is so tall that when you look at it from the ground, it looks like it is scraping, or rubbing, against the sky.

超高層ビル skyscraperはとても高いビルです。あまりにも高いので、地上から見上げると空を削っているように見えます。

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Sep 28

“Can I eat this cake in the fridge?”

“Go ahead.”

“Go ahead” is a way to give someone permission to do something, but it is not used in formal or polite situations. When someone is told to go ahead, they are expected to act quickly. “It looks like the pizza is done. Go ahead and take it out of the oven.” If you delay eating the cake, someone else might eat it. If you delay taking out the pizza, it will get burnt!



「Go ahead」(直訳すれば「前に進め」)は誰かが何かをするとき許可を与えるフレーズですが、フォーマルな状況には使いません。「Go ahead」と言われたらすぐ行動すると期待されています。「ピザはもう焼けたみたい。もうオーブンから出していいよ。」ケーキを食べるのが遅れたら、先に誰かに食べられてしまうかもしれません。ピザを出すのが遅れたら焦げてしまいます。

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Sep 27

A messy office is not ____ to efficient work.

Fill in the blank.
A. conducive
B. leading
C. detrimental
D. given


Bを使うなら「A messy office does not lead to efficient work」になりますので、この形では使えません。Cは「not」がついているから「害がない」ということになってしまいます。Dは、人など行動するものに使います。オフィスが仕事をするわけではありませんので、残るAが正解です。

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Sep 26

Cicadas can be found almost everywhere in the world. In some places, people eat cicadas. In China, their shells are used in medicine. The English word “cicada” comes from Latin for “tree cricket”. Cicadas spend most of their lives underground, and then come out and shed their skins to become adults. They are very noisy in summer. Did you hear a lot of cicadas this summer?

蝉は、ほぼ世界中どこにでもいます。一部の地域では蝉を食べます。中国では蝉の抜け殻を薬に使います。英語の「cicada」という単語は、ラテン語の「tree cricket 木のコオロギ」からきています。一生のうちの大半を地中で過ごした後、地上に出て脱皮し成虫になります。夏の間、とてもうるさいですね。今年、たくさん蝉の鳴き声を聞きましたか?

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Sep 25

Sally: How are you, Betty?
Betty: Oh, I’m on top of the world. I just got a great new job, my son got engaged, and my daughter won an award.

Feeling “on top of the world” means being very, very happy. In idioms, “high” usually means “good”, so being above the rest of the world is the absolute best place to be.


「世界の上にいる on top of the world」は、とてもとても嬉しい気持ちです。通常イディオムでは、「高い high」は良いことですので、世界のどこよりも上ってことは最高の場所ですね。

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Sep 24

“My dog got out, so I’ll ask the neighbors if they have seen him.”

The word “neighbor” usually refers to a person who lives in a house near yours. It can also be used to mean a person whose desk is near yours in your office or classroom, a person who is near you in another situation, or anything that is near something else: “The color of the crayon rubbed off on its neighbors.”



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Sep 21

Clerk: That will be $5.00.

Clara: I’ll get it.

Emmett: No, allow me.

“Allow me,” is something people say to be polite when they do a small favor for someone, such as pulling out a chair or opening a door. It could be rephrased as “Let me do that for you.” In a longer sentence, such as “Allow me to explain,” the action allowed does not have to be a favor.




「Allow me」は椅子を出したり扉を開けたりなど小さな親切をするときの礼儀のために使うフレーズです。言い換えれば「代わりにさせてください。」「説明をさせてください」など。もっと長い文だと、「allow」された行動は親切とは限りません。

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Sep 20

Thanks to the achieving of the marketing team, the new product is flying off the shelves.

Find the mistake:
A. achieving
B. marketing team
C. new product
D. flying off


「Flying off the shelves」は「飛ぶように(店の)棚から(売れたので)去ってゆきます」。つまり、とても良く売れています。ここの「achieving」は一応名詞として使えますが、より適切な名詞の「achievement」の方が良いでしょう。よって答えはAです。ぴったりな名詞がない場合は現在形でも大丈夫です。:Thanks to Bill’s crashing the car, I have to walk to work.

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Sep 19

Butterscotch is a sweet flavor. Real butterscotch is made of brown sugar and butter, like toffee but not boiled as long. Butterscotch-flavored sweets don’t always contain real butterscotch, though. It is common as an ice cream topping or a flavor for hard candies or pudding.


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Sep 18

Ted: You all want green peppers on your pizza right? We’ll have two large pizzas with green peppers.
Steve: I hate green peppers!
Fred: Don’t rock the boat, Steve! Everyone else loves them.

Rocking the boat means making trouble for the group. If one person in a boat moves around, it makes the boat rock, and that affects all the other people riding in the boat.



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