Oct 31

今日はHalloweenですね!今週一週間、キッズはレッスンで Jack-o’-lanternや、お菓子でドラキュラの口を作りました。大人のクラスはHalloweenにちなんだレッスンを行いました。意外にHalloweenの歴史や風習などは知られていないので楽しんでいただきました。皆さんはお友達や家族と何かしますか?

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Oct 31

The monster often called Frankenstein is actually Frankenstein’s monster. He was created by Dr. Frankenstein. The story of Frankenstein was a ground-breaking science fiction tale written by Mary Shelley, but most of us remember the visual image of Frankenstein’s monster from the movie adaptation.


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Oct 30

“We had our roof repaired, and they really took us to the cleaners. Roofs are expensive!”

Taking someone to the cleaners means charging them too much money. Do cleaners charge more money than other businesses? Maybe this idiom comes from another phrase, “to clean (someone) out”, which means “to take all of someone’s money”.


「誰かを掃除業者に連れて行く」は、多額のお金を請求されるという意味です。掃除業者って他のサービスに比べると高くつきますか?もしかすると、このイディオムは別のフレーズが由来しているかもしれませんね。「to clean (someone) out」は、その人のお金をすべて巻き上げるという意味です。

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Oct 29

“Beware the curse of the mummy!”

Mummies appear in Halloween movies as monsters all wrapped in bandages. Mummies were made by the ancient Egyptians. They preserved the dead bodies of important people and wrapped them in cloth. They only come back to life in stories.



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Oct 28

Candy corn is often seen around Halloween. The orange color goes well with the holiday. The pieces are shaped like kernels of corn.


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Oct 26

Son: I wanna go home!

Mom: What happened?

Dad: He’s had a bit of a fright. The ghosts in the haunted house were too scary.

“Fright” can mean the feeling or experience of being scared. Sometimes Halloween events are too scary for small children!





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Oct 25

We apologize for the ______. The plane is now ready to take off.

Fill in the blank.
A. delay
B. late
C. waiting
D. slow


「The」の後にくるのは名詞なので、AとCのどちらかです。Cは名詞として使えますが、この場合は「We apologize for the wait」のほうが自然ですので、正解はAです。

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Oct 24

One traditional Halloween treat is the candy apple. However, it is unusual for trick-or-treaters to get a candy apple these days. There have been rumors that bad people hid sharp things such as razor blades in the apples to hurt children. So most parents only allow their children to eat factory-wrapped Halloween candy.


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Oct 23

“Get Jenkins to vote yes, and the rest of the council will fall like dominoes.”

When the first domino falls, it causes all the other dominoes to fall too. We can compare some events to dominoes when one thing is enough to cause all the other things to happen.



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Oct 22

“In winter, bears and other animals hibernate to conserve energy.”

Many types of animals sleep through the winter. This is called hibernation. They build up stores of fat so they can survive the winter without eating. Then they spend all winter sleeping, so they don’t use unnecessary energy.



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