Jan 31

“It was a beautiful winter day. Snow blanket the ground.”

Find the mistake.
A. beautiful
B. winter
C. blanket
D. ground



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Jan 30

What’s your blood type? Human red blood cells can have two different antigens, A or B. If you have only one, your blood type is A or B. If you have both, it’s AB. And if you have neither, it’s type O. Other animals, such as dogs, have more different blood types.


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Jan 29

“The film is pretty boring overall, but it has its moments. The special effects on the final battle are great, and the scene between the protagonist and her father is very touching.”

Something that “has its moments” may be difficult or bad most of the time, but there are brief times when it is very good. The good moments often make up for the rest of the time.


「良い瞬間がある has its moments 」は、殆どの場合大変だったり良くなかったりするけれど、ほんの少し良い瞬間があることです。このちょっとした良い瞬間が、良くない事を埋め合わせてくれる場合がありますね。

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Jan 28

“One thing that can help you feel better after a difficult day is to cuddle with your pet.”

Cuddling involves hugging or holding and petting. Some pets are cuddlier than others. A cuddly animal is usually furry and cute and doesn’t mind cuddling. You usually don’t cuddle humans unless you have a close romantic relationship.



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Jan 27

Carnations were originally pink or purple, but have been bred to bloom in other colors, such as red, white, yellow, and even green. Different colors of carnations are used to symbolize different things in different countries.


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Jan 25

“I thought I was finally going to beat you at chess, but you’re always thinking one step ahead of me!”

If you win a close race, you may be “one step ahead” of your opponent, but usually this idiom refers to thinking or planning ahead, rather than physical location.



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Jan 24

空いた時間に自宅で英語を教えませんか?モダンイングリッシュ@ホーム サービスがスタートします!







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Jan 24

“This page looks terrible. The text is too small and the pictures are unbalanced. We need to change the _____.”

Fill in the blank.
A. size
B. caption
C. layout
D. font



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Jan 23

The Hokey Pokey is a silly dance. To do this dance, just make a circle with your friends and follow the instructions:

You put your right hand in
You put your right hand out
You put your right hand in
And you shake it all about
You do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around
That’s what it’s all about

It continues with different body parts. Depending on the country, it is also called “Hokey Cokey” or “Okey Cokey”.




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Jan 22

“Now be on your best behavior while we’re gone. No monkey business!”

“Monkey business” is trouble. Shenanigans. Mischief. It is usually caused by children or irresponsible teenagers, but also by irresponsible adults. It sounds like maybe monkeys cause trouble for pay, but “business” can just mean “goings-on”. Monkeys can indeed cause a lot of trouble.


「Monkey business」とはトラブルです。いたずらや悪ふざけなど。普通は子供や無責任なティーンエイジャーがするものですが、無責任な大人もすることがありますね。猿がトラブルを起こして儲けるかのように聞こえますが、「business」は「出来事」という意味もあります。猿は確かに問題を起こすことがありますね。

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