Feb 28

Style: "Porcelain pastel"“I made tea. Would you like some?”

“Thanks. I could use something to drink.”

“I could really use a nap, but I have to finish my homework before dinner.”

We say we “could use” something that would be nice to have. It might be an unexpected favor, like the tea above, or something we want or need but probably won’t get. For example, I could use a million dollars.





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Feb 27

korien_feb27“Unfortunately, I do not ____ your services any longer.”

Fill in the blank.
A. requisite
B. desire
C. deride
D. retain

「もうあなたの提供するサービスを必要としない」というフレーズはたまに聞きますが、Aの「必要な」は形容詞なので「do not」の後では使えません。Dの「保つ、持ち続ける」は未来形なら大丈夫ですが、今伝えるのでこの瞬間までは「retain」していたように聞こえます。BとCは似ていますが、Cは「あざ笑う、馬鹿にする」という意味なのでやはりBの「欲しがる」が一番適切です。答えはBでした。

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Feb 26

korien_feb26Joe Bloggs is a placeholder name commonly used in the U.K. and other countries. It’s different from John Doe in that John Doe is a real person with no name, while Joe Bloggs is a name with no corresponding real person. For example, you can use it as a fake account to test your website. In the U.S. “John Smith” is more common as a placeholder name.


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Feb 25

korien_feb25“This is a sure-fire plan. There’s no way it could fail!”

We don’t really “fire” a plan, but we do fire guns. So imagine you are a soldier, and you have been marching through a swamp or hiding in a forest. Your gun is dirty and it got wet. Will it still fire? It will if it’s very reliable, or “sure-fire”!


作戦を fire(発射・発砲)するわけではありませんが、拳銃なら fire(発砲)します。自分が兵士だと想像してください。沼地を通り抜け、森で隠れていたとしましょう。銃は泥で汚れて濡れました。それでも発砲できますか?とても頼りになる、つまり sure-fire な銃なら出来ますね。

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Feb 24

korien_feb24“I fought a bear during summer break.”
“No, you didn’t. You’re fibbing.”

A fib is a lie. To fib is to tell a lie. A fib is usually a childish or unimportant kind of lie, rather than a serious lie with grave consequences.


Fib とは「うそ」です。動詞なら「うそをつく」です。深刻な結果を伴う「うそ」というよりは、子供っぽくてどうでもいい「うそ」というイメージです。

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Feb 23

korien_feb23_wikimediacommonsHorses have been important to humans for a long time, so there are many special words to describe them. This horse’s coloring is called “bay”. It means a reddish brown horse with black mane, tail, and legs.

馬はずっと人間にとって大事な動物なので、馬に関する特別な言葉がたくさんあります。この馬の色を bay と呼びます。bay は体が赤茶色で、たてがみ、尻尾、足が黒です。

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Feb 21

korien_feb21“Let’s try this new video game I got.”

“But it’s only single player.”

“That’s okay. We can take turns.”

When something can’t be shared by more than one person at the same time, you can still share it by taking turns. On the playground at school, the swings are popular. Many children want to use them, so you might have to wait a long time for your turn.





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Feb 20

korien_feb20“Five different designs and a rainbow of available colors provide a narrow range of options.”

Find the mistake.
A. different designs
B. of available
C. colors provide
D. a narrow

5通りのデザインと好きな色を選べるので選択肢が多いことをアピールしていますが、narrow は「狭い」という意味です。代わりに broad や virtually unlimited を使いましょう。

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Feb 19

korien_feb19altJohn Doe is a name used for a man whose name is not known—for example, if a man is found dead with no identification, or he has amnesia and his identity is unknown. For a woman, the equivalent name is Jane Doe.


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Feb 18

korien_feb18“Want to go out drinking after work?”
“I’ll have to ask my wife.”
“I see. How is the old ball and chain doing, anyway?”

We have an idea that a man loses his freedom when he gets married. So you might occasionally hear his wife referred to as his “ball and chain”, like the heavy ball chained to the leg of an imprisoned criminal so that he can’t escape.


男性は結婚すると自由がなくなるという意見があります。なので、たまに妻のことを捕まった犯罪者が逃げないように用いる「足かせ」に例え、 ball and chain(鉄の球と鎖)と言います

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