Aug 31

korien_aug31Did you scoop any goldfish at a summer festival this year? Please take good care of them. As they grow bigger, they will need a bigger tank.


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Aug 29

korien_aug29wikimediacommons“Stand back! I’m about to light the fireworks.”

We use this phrase to warn people not to get too close to something. This could be to keep them at a safe distance from something dangerous, or sometimes to keep something or someone safe from a crowd gathering around.



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Aug 28

korien_aug28“The customer wanted a sandwich, but we were _______ of bread.”

Fill in the blank.
A. finished
B. in
C. out
D. ended


「パンが終わっていた」というなら「The bread was finished」という言い方もできますが、ここの「we were ____ of bread」の空欄に入れることができません。Dのendedも似た意味ですがさらに不自然なのでやめておきましょう。残るBとCでは、「out of」が正しい選択です。何かが切れているというときは、本来それを持っているべき人が「out of」そのものと言います。”I want to make bread, but I’m out of flour.” “Can you run to the store? We’re out of olive oil.” “I can’t believe the café is out of napkins.”

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Aug 28

aug27-28hereyouarethankyou“Thank you” is one of the most important words to learn in order to get along with people in any language! Let’s practice how to give and receive politely in English with this week’s video.


Classroom Tip
“Here You Are, Thank You” is a song to practice Here you are. Thank you. You’re welcome. When you first introduce this song, pass around a stuffed animal or other object that students would enjoy. Doing so reinforces the situation in which we use such language. After, you can put gestures to the words, like extending your hand on Here you are or putting your hands together like in prayer for Thank you. On You’re welcome, place your palms on your chest near your heart. When you have students doing things in class requiring this language, hum the tune and/or do the gesture to remind them of the language they can use.

この歌は「はいどうぞ」「ありがとう」「どういたしまして」を練習するための歌です。初めてこの歌を使用する際は、ぬいぐるみなど生徒たちが喜ぶものを使ってこのフレーズを使う状況を作ります。そしてジェスチャーと言葉を合わせます。「Here you are」では手を伸ばして、「Thank you」では祈るように手を合わせて、「You’re welcome」では胸に手をあてます。今後の授業でこのフレーズを生徒に使わせる時は、このメロディーをハミングしたり、ジェスチャーをしたりして思い出させましょう。

At Home Tip
Do like a teacher would using the classroom tips as you watch. Then, when you are doing things like setting or clearing the dinner table, give or take dishes saying, Here you are. Encourage them to say Thank you and always return with You’re welcome. Not only can they practice English but they can also help you get the table ready or clean up.

動画をみるときは教室でのヒントと同じようにします。後で、お皿を出す時や片付けている時に、お皿を渡しながら「Here you are」と言います。「Thank you」と言うように促して、必ず「You’re welcome」を返します。英語の練習だけでなく、お手伝いもしてもらえます!

Please add your comments – What do you do? How did you find these tips? We’d love to see YOUR videos.

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Aug 27

korien_aug27A shooting star isn’t really a star. It’s a meteor falling through the earth’s atmosphere. If you see one, you can make a wish. When there are a lot of shooting stars at once, it’s a meteor shower.


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Aug 26

korien_aug26“How was the theme park?”
“Too awesome for words!”

If something is too awesome for words, it’s so great that words cannot describe it. The phrase can be used with pretty much any adjective.


言葉では言い表せないほどすごいものを、too awesome for words と言います。このフレーズは Awesome のかわりに、色んな形容詞を使って応用できますよ。

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Aug 25

korien_aug25“Help! My hand is stuck in this jar!”
“I’m really stuck on this math problem. Can you give me a hint?”

When something gets stuck, it is caught in one place and unable to move. If you try to go through a too-small space, you can get stuck. Then you can’t go forward or backward! Have you ever gotten a ring stuck on your finger? You can also be mentally stuck, when you can’t make any progress on a problem or keep thinking the same thing over again.



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Aug 24

korien_aug24When you think of a lion pride, do you imagine a bunch of lionesses and only one male lion? Actually, related male lions can share the same pride. These lions might be brothers.


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Aug 22

Business man with a book on white“Your progress will be reviewed on a monthly basis so we can be sure you’re proceeding in the right direction.”

If something happens on a monthly basis, it happens once a month. You can also do something on a daily, weekly or yearly basis, if you do it once a day, once a week or once a year. If something happens on a regular basis, it happens often or after a set period of time (but we don’t know how long that time is).


「Monthly basis」で何かが起こるという意味はつまり毎月一回起こるということです。毎日、毎週、毎年のバージョンもあります。定期的に起こるということは、一定の期間を置いて起こることを意味しますが、どれくらいの期間、時間かはわかりません。

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Aug 21

korien_aug21“I finished writing the ad copy, but I’m a terrible speller, so please have someone prove it.”

Find the mistake.
A. finished writing
B. ad copy
C. terrible speller
D. someone prove


テキスト・文章という意味のcopyは仕事以外であまり見ない単語ですが適切です。つづりが苦手な人はbad speller。つづりが上手ならgood speller。誰かにテキストにミスはないかを確認していただく必要はあります。これはつづりが上手な人が書いたものでも欠かせないステップです。でもこれはproveではなくproof又はproof readと呼びます。答えはDです。

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