Jun 30

korien_june30On your birthday, you might get a cake. It’s traditional to put candles on the cake, usually the same number as the age of the recipient. Some people add an extra candle “to grow on”.


Make a wish before you blow out the candles, but don’t tell anyone what you wished for! It has to stay a secret in order to come true.





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Jun 29

korien_june29“It’s a good idea, but ideas are a dime a dozen. Carrying it out is the hard part.”


When something is “a dime a dozen” that means it’s very cheap, or not worth very much. You can buy 12 (a dozen) for a dime (ten cents).




A dime a dozenとはとても安い、価値があまりないという意味です。12個(a dozen)を10センツ(a dime)で買えます。

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Jun 28

korien_jun28“What a tiny dog! I’ve never seen such a small dog.”
“I know you said not to eat any candy before dinner, but I just had a tiny bit.”
“Look at this dollhouse. It has teeny-tiny pillows on the little beds!”

“Tiny” just means “very small”. “Teeny-tiny” is a very cute way to say it.



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Jun 27

korien_jun27Lately it’s been feeling like summer. Let’s escape from the heat for a moment with a cold, snowy picture. This dog is enjoying the snow. Have you ever played with a pet in the snow?


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Jun 27

korien_jun25“I really want this new game, but I can’t afford it.”
“We can’t afford to waste time if we’re going to get to the theater before the movie starts.”

We say we can’t afford something when we don’t have enough money to buy it. We can also use this expression with things other than money, such as time.



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Jun 24

korien_june23“The dress code is ________ so you don’t need to wear a suit and tie.”

Fill in the blank.
A. casual
B. formal
C. causal
D. formality



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Jun 23

korien_june23“Deus ex Machina” isn’t really English; it’s Latin! But we use it in English to describe stories in which a powerful force solves the protagonist’s problems. It means “god from the machine” and comes from Greek plays where a machine was used to allow an actor to play a god, who solved the protagonist’s problems. It’s usually considered bad story-telling—the protagonist should solve their own problems!



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Jun 22

korien_june22“My daughter said she wants to be President of the USA.”
“Oh, my daughter said she wants to be an accountant. She’s always been very down to earth.”

Something that’s “down to earth” is practical and not fanciful. It’s often good to have someone with big dreams, and someone who is more down to earth, working together.


「Down to earth」なことは、現実的で夢がないという時に使います。

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Jun 21

korien_june21“Cats lick their front paws and use them to wash their faces.”

“The dog’s paws slipped on the ice.”


Animals like cats and dogs don’t have hands and feet—they have paws instead. The fleshy lumps on the bottoms of their paws are called paw pads. Some animals, like rabbits, have paws but not paw pads.





猫や犬などの動物の手足はhandやfootではなくpawと言います。裏の肉球はpaw padです。ウサギなどpawがあってもpaw padがない動物もいます。

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Jun 20

korien_june20Gargoyles were made to drain rain water from the rooves of buildings. The water flows out of the gargoyle’s mouth. Some gargoyles are just decorations. They look like scary monsters in order to frighten away evil spirits.



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