Aug 31

korien_aug31“When the cousins first met they were shy but soon they were getting on like a house on fire.”


To get on like a house on fire is to like each other a lot and become good friends quickly. This is one of the few times when “a house on fire” is not a bad thing!





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Aug 30

korien_aug30“Raise the lever before pumping the gas.”
“If I get a raise in my salary, I’ll be able to travel more.”

The basic meaning of “raise” is to lift something or make it higher. It is usually a verb—you can raise a lever or a curtain. When talking about raising the amount of money you get in your salary, though, it is usually a noun.



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Aug 29

korien_aug29These tomatoes are sliced, so you can see the seeds. Do you like tomatoes? Raw or cooked?



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Aug 27

korien_aug27“Nice to see you. It’s been a while!”
“Wow, it’s been a while. I used to come here all the time!”

You can use this phrase when it’s been a long time since you saw a certain person, went to a certain place, ate a certain food, etc. It’s slightly less informal than “long time no see”.


久しぶりに人に会う、場所に行く、食べ物を食べるなど、なんでも久しぶりにするときに使えるフレーズです。Long time no seeと比べたら、それよりほんの少しフォーマルです。

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Aug 26

korien_aug26“You must abstain the room key from the front desk when you check in.”

Find the mistake.
A. must
B. abstain
C. from the
D. when you


「取得する」なら「abstain」ではなく「obtain」です。Abstainは、何かをしないことです。例えば、手術の前に物を食べたらいけない場合はabstain from eatingやabstain from foodと言えます。答えはBでした。

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Aug 25

korien_aug25A sinkhole is a hole that forms when the surface collapses after the rock below is worn away. They can also form when a cave or tunnel collapses. They can form gradually or suddenly and they can be big or small. Some can become huge lakes, and others can suddenly swallow a parked car.



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Aug 24

korien_aug24“Be quiet or I’ll make you be quiet!”
“Oh yeah? You and what army?”

In an argument or fight, this phrase is used to tell someone they can’t make you do something, or that you won’t let them do something. They would need an army helping them, and they don’t have one.



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Aug 23

korien_aug23“This is delicious,” the child said around a mouthful of cake.

“That’s his name? It’s really long.”
“Yeah, it’s a mouthful.”

A mouthful can be the amount of food or drink that fits in your mouth, or it can be something that is long and complicated and difficult to say.




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Aug 22

korien_aug22Amethyst is a violet quartz often used for jewelry. In ancient Greece, it was believed to protect against drunkenness, and drinking vessels were made from it. It’s also the birthstone for February.



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Aug 20

korien_aug20“You know, I think I have a copy of that book you need for your class.”
“I can’t wait around all day, you know.”

At the beginning of a sentence, “you know” can be a thoughtful introduction. At the end of a sentence, it is often used to remind the listener that they should have known (or logically guessed) this already. It’s often shortened to “y’know”.


文の最初で使われる「you know」は考えている様子などを示します。文の最後だと、これはもう知っているはず(もしくは考えたらわかるはず)という事を示します。良く「y’know」に省略されます。

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