Oct 31

korien_oct31Children dress up in costumes for Halloween. Adults dress up too if they are going to a Halloween party. But what about dogs? For some dogs, it’s fun to dress up in a special dog costume for Halloween.



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Oct 29

korien_oct29“Is that a ghost or just the wind?”
“I’m not sure.”

“What time does the Halloween party start?”
“I think it was 7:00, but I’m not sure. Let’s ask.”

“I’m not sure if I locked the door when I left.”

“I’m not sure” can be the same as “I don’t know”. You can also use it when you have an idea what the answer is, but aren’t very confident that it’s correct.




「I’m not sure」は「I don’t know」と同じように使うことがあります。答えの予想があるけどあまり自信がないときにも使えます。

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Oct 28

korien_oct28“Our _________ for today includes two hours of free time before lunch, and then the museum.”

Fill in the blank.

A. schedule
B. reservation
C. planning
D. tour



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Oct 28

hv43phonicssoundsClassroom Tip

This song, from Happy Valley Phonics Book 1, isolates the letter sounds to a slow tempo, repeating three times so students can hear it twice and then try it on their own. For this one, you can have students watch the video and then, open their books and point to the letters as they chant. This will give it a physical element. Encourage students to tap the letters on the beat. It is a good song to use after the Phonanimals Song but encourages more letter recognition. You could also do this first and then do the Phonanimals song, but with just the letter Flashcards (FC) displayed, if you feel students are ready to move away from always seeing the Phonanimals. As students become more and more comfortable with this song, let a volunteer be teacher, pointing to the FC lined up on the board.



ハッピーバレー フォニックスブック1のこの歌では、ゆっくりしたテンポでアルファベットの各文字の「音」を聴きます。3回繰り返されますので、2回聴いてから自分で歌ってみましょう。動画を見た後は、本を開けてチャントしながら文字を指さしましょう。この歌は体を動かして使うこともできますよ。ビートに合わせて文字を指でタップします。Phonanimals Songの後に使うと良いでしょう。この歌は文字を区別する練習をより多く含んでいます。フォナニマルズにあまり頼らなくてもいいと感じるなら、この歌を先に聴いてから文字のフラッシュカードを使ってPhonanimals songを聴きます。生徒がこの歌に慣れてきたら、生徒を先生役にしてフラッシュカードを指さしてもらいましょう。


At Home Tip

This song, from Happy Valley Phonics Book 1, isolates the letter sounds to a slow tempo, repeating three times so children can hear it twice and then try it on their own. Do this with your child after the Phonanimals Song. Find an a-z lowercase letter chart and tap the letters as they are heard.



ハッピーバレー フォニックスブック1のこの歌では、ゆっくりしたテンポでアルファベットの各文字の「音」を聴きます。3回繰り返されますので、2回聴いてから自分で歌ってみましょう。。Phonanimals Songの後に使うと良いでしょう。小文字で書かれたアルファベットのチャートなどを用意し、聴こえる文字を指でタップしましょう。


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Oct 27

korien_oct27You need a large pumpkin. First, make a deep round cut around the stem and take off the top. Scoop out all the seeds and any soft flesh, leaving the pumpkin empty. Now, draw on the face. You can find a pre-made pattern, or draw your own. Make sure the pieces are big and easy to cut. Don’t leave any pieces floating, because if they aren’t attached to the main part of the pumpkin they will be cut off. Next, cut the face out with a knife. Finally, put a candle inside and put the top back on. The jack-o-lantern is complete!



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Oct 26

korien_oct26“I want to quit smoking, so I’m trying to limit it to one cigarette a day.”
“The best way is to just go cold turkey. That’s what I did.”

When you give up something like smoking, alcohol, gambling or just chocolate, there are many strategies. You can try to reduce it gradually, or you can stop all at once. If you stop suddenly, without preparation, you “go cold turkey”.


タバコ、お酒、ギャンブル、チョコでも、何かをやめるには色々なやり方があります。少しずつ減らすか、急に完全にやめるか。準備なしに急にやめることを「go cold turkey」といいます。

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Oct 25

korien_oct25“Trick or treat!”

The “trick” in “trick or treat” is a prank or joke that children might play if they don’t get a treat (candy). Most trick-or-treaters won’t actually play any tricks. But then again, most trick-or-treaters receive candy from every house they visit!


「Trick or treat」の「trick」はお菓子がもらえなかったらする「いたずら」のことです。「trick or treat」と言いながら家々を回るほとんどの子供達はいたずらをしません。子供たちは訪れたどの家からもお菓子をもらうのでいたずらする必要はありません。

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Oct 24




レッスン日:毎週水曜日 16:30~18:30の間、講師が待機しています。



料金 :月定額 6,480円(税込)








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Oct 24

korien_oct24Is it possible for a spider to be cute? Or are they always scary? This spider has big eyes, so perhaps some people will find it cute. What do you think?



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Oct 22

korien_oct22“You can always call on me for help.”
“The teacher called on me for the hardest question.”

To “call on” someone can mean to ask them for help, or ask them to do something.

In a classroom, however, it’s what the teacher does when they ask you to answer a question. This meaning is probably more useful in everyday life.


誰かを「call on」とは、助けを頼む、何かをするように頼むことです。


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