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Aug 26

“The wind was blowing so hard, I held on to the fence for dear life!” 「風があまりにも強くて必死に柵を掴んだ。」

ドラマチックなストーリーでfor dear life(愛おしい命のため)という表現を聞くことがあります。命の危険にさらされていた、もしくはそう思った時に使います。生き残るために何かをとても頑張ったという意味です。ほとんどの場合は何かを掴む動作に使うみたいです。

You might hear the phrase “for dear life” in a dramatic story. We usually use it to say someone was in life-threatening danger, or at least thought they were! They tried very hard at something in order to survive. It seems to be most often used when describing holding onto something.

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Aug 05

“A stitch in time saves nine!” 「今のひと縫いは後の9縫い」


When sewing, you use a needle to pull thread through cloth, creating stitches. Imagine you have a very small hole in your shirt. You can sew it closed now with just one stitch. But if you wait, it might get bigger, and you will have to use more stitches to close it. We say that a stitch in time saves nine (nine more stitches) to mean that it’s better to solve problems before they get big.

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Aug 05
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