Sep 23

“The cat distracted me while the dog stole my lunch from the table. They were in cahoots this whole time!” 「猫に気を取られている隙に犬がテーブルの上からランチを盗んだ。実は協力してたんだな!」

“He reported it to the police, but the police chief was in cahoots with the gang.” 「警察に報告しましたが、警察署長はマフィアと協力関係にありました。」

“The man who distracted me while my wallet was stolen turned out to be in cahoots with the pickpocket!” 「財布盗まれたときに気をひいていた男性は結局スリと協力していたんだ!」

二人以上が秘密に協力をしているときはin cahootsと言えます。普段は悪いことをする目標の場合に使います。

If two (or more) people are “in cahoots”, they cooperate in secret, usually to do something bad.

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Sep 16

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” 「馬を水まで導くことはできても、水を飲ませることはできない。」


You can’t make people do what you want, even if you know what’s best. When you’re sure you know how to solve a problem, but people won’t listen to you, you might use this expression. You know the horse needs water, and you can show the horse where the water is, but there’s no way to force the horse to drink the water. You can give people good advice, but you can’t make them follow your advice.

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Sep 16

“You kids just stay put while I buy the popcorn.” 「私がポップコーンを買ってくるから子供たちはここにいなさい。」

“I’ll bring lunch in here for you. You can stay put.” 「ランチはこちらに持ってくるからここで待っていて。」

“When you’re lost in the woods, you should stay put and wait to be found.” 「森で迷子になったら移動せずに見つかるのを待つのが一番です。」

今いるところから移動しない、動かないようにと指示するときにstay putという言葉がつかえます。誰かによってここにおかれた(put)なのでここにいるべき、みたいな言い方に聞こえます。

We can use “stay put” to tell someone to stay where they are and not go anywhere, or not move. It sounds like somebody put them there, wherever they are, and they should stay there.

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Sep 02

“I just asked her to pick up her socks. Why is she so upset?” 「靴下を片付けてと頼んだだけなのになんでそんなに怒った?」

“She’s under a lot of stress at school. It must have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.” 「今学校でストレスを感じてるから、それで堪忍袋の緒が切れたのだろう。」


A camel can carry a lot of straw. But some amount of straw is too much. Sometimes a small thing can take us from a large amount (that we can still handle) to too much (and we can’t handle it). The camel is carrying a heavy load of straw, but it’s okay. Then you add one more piece of straw, and it’s too heavy for the camel.

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