Mar 24

“Another day, another dollar.” 「もう一日、もう一ドル。」


You might hear someone say, “Another day, another dollar,” as they leave for work in the morning. This phrase usually means the speaker is feeling a little bored with doing the same job every day for a small amount of money. It is said that sailors in 19th century America started using this phrase, when they were actually paid one dollar per day.

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Mar 17

“His parents will buy him anything he wants. He has them wrapped around his little finger.” 「彼は親になんでもほしいもの買ってもらえる。親がいつも彼の言いなりだ。」

「Wrapped Around Your Little Finger」というイディオムは(あなたがあまりにも好かれているから)その人の行動を完全にコントロールできるという状況で使えます。指に巻くという表現から指輪を連想するかもしれませんが、実は鷹のリードを握るイメージが由来かもしれません。

If you have someone wrapped around your finger, you have total control over their actions (because they like you so much). This phrase sounds like it might refer to a ring worn on the finger, but it may actually come from the image of holding a falcon’s leash.

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Mar 10

“Stop! Police!” 「とまれ!警察だ!」

“The jig is up! Run for it!” 「バレたんだ!逃げろ!」

“The jig is up! I know you’re a spy.” 「もうバレてしまった。あなたがスパイだとわかっています。」

「The jig is up」を一番よく聞くのはやはりテレビや映画の中で犯罪がバレたときでしょう。泥棒たちが何かを盗むための計画を立て、バレてしまいます。失敗したとわかったときにThe jig is up!と言います。他にも騙していたのがバレたときにも使えます。

You are most likely to hear “the jig is up” in a TV show or movie about a criminal heist. The criminals make a plan to steal something, but they are found out. When they realize the plan is a failure, they say, “The jig is up!” You can also use this phrase any time someone sees through a deception.

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Mar 03

“I have some suggestions I want to make at work, but I’m a new hire and I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes.” 「職場で提案したいことがあるけど、新入りだし誰かの感情を害するようなことはしたくない。」

つま先を踏まれてたらイラっとしますよね。他の方法で誰かを怒らせてしまったときにも「Step on Somebody’s Toes」というフレーズが使えます。つま先を踏んだ人が自分の権威を尊重していない、自分と関係ないことに口を出している場合などによく使います。

If somebody steps on your toes, you will feel annoyed. If you insult someone in some other way, we can still say that you stepped on their toes. This phrase is often used to describe someone overstepping their authority, or telling people what to do when it isn’t their business.

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