Aug 25




Aug 25

“Keep your eyes peeled for a sign. I’m not sure which road this is.” 「目印がないか見ててね。これがどの道かわかりません。」


You’ve probably peeled a banana or orange. In this phrase, the “peel” is your eyelids. “Keep your eyes peeled” means “don’t close your eyes”. We say this to tell someone to keep their eyes open and look out for something or someone.

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Aug 04

“Guess what! I got the best score in class!” 「良いことがあったんだよ!クラスで一番良い点数を取った!」

“You did? Get out of town! I don’t believe it!” 「お前が?嘘だろ?マジで?」

「信じられない」という意味で「Get out of here!(出ていけ)」「Get out of town!(町から出ていけ)」や「Shut up!(黙れ)」などの表現が使われることがあります。失礼に聞こえますが、親しい間柄で、良い知らせに驚いているときに使われます。

You might sometimes hear people use phrases like “Get out of here!” “Get out of town!” or even “Shut up!” to express disbelief. They sound rude but are often used with close friends when surprised by good news.

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