Jan 26

“We worked so hard on this project, and you didn’t turn it in on time! You really dropped the ball.” 「あんなに頑張ったプロジェクトなのにあなたが時間通りに提出しなかった!ヘマをやってくれたな。」

誰かが大きなミスをした、するはずのことをしなかったときに「they really dropped the ball」と言います。このスポーツを使ったメタファーは1950年あたりから使われています。他の人ががっかりしたり、迷惑する、無責任なミスによく使います。

If someone makes a bad mistake, or doesn’t do something they were supposed to do, we can say they really dropped the ball. This sports metaphor has been used since about 1950. We often use it when other people have been disappointed or let down by an irresponsible mistake.

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Jan 19

“She loves Santa so much. I just didn’t have the heart to tell her that the presents really come from her parents.” 「彼女があまりにもサンタのこと大好きだから、本当は親がプレゼントを用意しているってどうしても言えなかった。」

“I don’t have space for all these paintings my grandmother made, but I just don’t have the heart to get rid of them.” 「お祖母ちゃんが描いた絵を置く場所はないんだけど、捨てるのはあまりにも心が痛む。」

I didn’t have the heart to do itとはつまり罪悪感でできなかったという意味です。必要なことですが誰かを傷つけてしまうような、心が痛むような行為によく使います。

When you couldn’t do something because you felt bad about it, you can say that you “didn’t have the heart to” do it. This phrase is often used for actions that may be necessary but could also hurt someone.

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Jan 12

“He tried to say he didn’t do it, but they caught him with his hand in the cookie jar.” 「やってないと言い張ったがクッキー・ジャーに手を突っ込んだまま見つかってしまった。」


Imagine you are a child asking your mother if you can have a cookie. She says no, but you go to the kitchen and take a cookie from the cookie jar anyway. A child trying to get a cookie from a jar on a high shelf is a well-known image in the USA, used as a metaphor for any kind of crime.

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