Apr 27


We’ve had many fun classes drawing furniture and people in different rooms of houses. This time, some of our students drew maps, blueprints, or just pictures of their houses. Then we added some people to the houses. Some students got creative and added cute animals instead!

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Apr 22





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Apr 20


How much do you know about your family? Recently we had some of our students make a simple family tree. The leaves and branches of your family tree are your parents, grandparents, great grandparents and cousins. The root of your family tree is you!

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Apr 13

年に数回季節に合ったクラフトをします。今年の春はhttps://bokoco.com/にあるAwesome DIY for Kids 2という本から木の作品を取り上げました。色々な色の紙を共有することで「Do you want blue?」などの教室で役に立つ簡単な英語を使ういい機会になりました。

We do a fun seasonal craft a few times a year. This spring’s craft was paper trees, an idea we got from the book Awesome DIY for Kids 2 on https://bokoco.com/. Sharing paper strips for the leaves was a good chance to use simple classroom English like “Do you want blue?”

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Apr 06


One of the first themes we tried was shopping. It’s great for roleplays! You can get a toy cash register and money, but you can also just use any toys you happen to have to stock your students’ shop. Students can also draw things to buy and sell on paper or on the whiteboard, or use flashcards. Most kids enjoy pretending to run a shop, so all we have to do is add English!

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