Jun 30


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Jun 29


Here’s an update on the competition between classes. Every class is earning lots of points! Each team has a name and token designed by the students. We hung up sheets for each team showing a picture of the token, the team name, and the team members. The teams wrote down the information and decorated the sheets themselves!

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Jun 22


This month we’re making presentations about food! Some classes are making a poster to share information about a kind of food they chose. Others are designing their own restaurant. Some classes will draw on the classroom whiteboard and record a video. The teachers are helping with preparations and research!

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Jun 15


For June, our theme is food! To introduce the theme, we learned about food groups. Some classes colored in these pictures of food and matched them to the food groups in which they belong. It’s an interesting topic for students of all ages. What do you think? Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?

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Jun 08


This year we aren’t using a traditional phonics book. Instead, we’re doing a variety of different activities. But we still do some of the same things as we would with a textbook. We choose and print out the phonics activities we think will be most useful for our classes!

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Jun 01


After Golden Week, we started a competition between the kids classes at Modern English Korien! Each week, each class can earn up to three points. For each point, they move their token one space on this poster. The kids designed their own tokens and named their class teams themselves. The class that wins the race at Obon time will get a special prize!

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