Oct 27

korien_oct27You need a large pumpkin. First, make a deep round cut around the stem and take off the top. Scoop out all the seeds and any soft flesh, leaving the pumpkin empty. Now, draw on the face. You can find a pre-made pattern, or draw your own. Make sure the pieces are big and easy to cut. Don’t leave any pieces floating, because if they aren’t attached to the main part of the pumpkin they will be cut off. Next, cut the face out with a knife. Finally, put a candle inside and put the top back on. The jack-o-lantern is complete!



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Oct 20

korien_oct20Bobbing for apples is a traditional Halloween game where players try to pull apples out of the water using only their mouths. It’s difficult because the floating apples move around. It’s also called “apple bobbing”, “apple ducking”, “dooking”, or “snap apple”.


「Bobbing for apples」は口だけを使ってリンゴを水からとる伝統的なハロウィーンの遊びです。水に浮いているリンゴが動くから難しいです。他の名前に、「apple bobbing」「apple ducking」「dooking」「snap apple」があります。

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Oct 13

korien_oct13_wikimediacommonsPeople had known for a long time that willow tree bark had an ability to relieve pain. Modern aspirin was developed in the 19th century. The word “aspirin” started as a brand name of the company Bayer, but became a generic name for the drug. Aspirin is less popular since the invention of other pain killers in the middle of the 20th century. It’s also poisonous to many pets!



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Oct 06

korien_oct6Even numbers are divisible by two. They can be divided by two without anything left over, or divided “evenly”. Odd numbers are not strange, but can’t be divided evenly by two. Zero also counts as even! Non-integers like 1/3 or 0.5 are neither odd nor even.



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Sep 29

korien_sept29Purring is a rumbling sound made by happy cats. However, other animals make sounds also called “purring”, including raccoons, squirrels, bears and elephants. We don’t know exactly how cats purr. Some bigger cats cannot purr—they can roar, instead. Cats don’t only purr when they’re happy—they can also purr when they’re injured or in distress. The frequency of purring vibrations promotes healing and improves bone density.



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Sep 15

korien_sept15A buttercup is a small yellow flower. The name sounds cute and delicious, but actually, they are poisonous. Cows and horses sometimes get sick from eating them if they have nothing else to eat.


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Sep 08

korien_sept8Sprinkles are tiny colorful candies that are used for decoration, not for flavor. They are often seen on top of ice cream, cookies, cupcakes or other sweets. A mix of rainbow colors is probably most common, but they can also be found in single colors or themed combinations of colors. スプリンクルとは味ではなく飾りのために使う小さなお菓子のつぶつぶです。アイス、クッキー、カップケーキなどの甘いものの上につけます。虹の色すべてが混ざっているのが一般的ですが、一色やテーマに合わせた色のコンビネーションもよくあります。

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Sep 01

korien_sept1A red giant is a kind of star. It’s much bigger than our sun—it’s giant! But it’s actually not very massive or dense, for a star. Its light is orange or red. Red giants are older stars that have burned up their fuel. When a star like ours burns out and collapses, the pressure can make it burn again and grow into a red giant.



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Aug 25

korien_aug25A sinkhole is a hole that forms when the surface collapses after the rock below is worn away. They can also form when a cave or tunnel collapses. They can form gradually or suddenly and they can be big or small. Some can become huge lakes, and others can suddenly swallow a parked car.



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Aug 04

korien_aug4Animals can do many things by instinct. For example, baby sea turtles crawl into the ocean. Birds can build nests. Some behaviors that seem like instinct also require learning from older animals. Of course, humans also have instincts!



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