May 21

There are many creatures to be careful of in Australia, and one of them is the Box Jellyfish. Box Jellyfish can be found in coastal waters of Northern Australia. The main jellyfish season is from November to June. It is not safe to swim as the sting from a Box Jellyfish can result in injury. Popular swimming areas are protected by special nets that create a swimming enclosure. Outside of these areas, you enter the water at your own risk.



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May 19

“Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me.”

“Chalkboard” is another word for “blackboard”. It’s a board on which we write with chalk. If you scrape your nails across a chalkboard, it makes a terrible, high-pitched sound. If a sound is really irritating to you, you can compare it to nails on a chalkboard.



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May 18

The meeting is canceled _____ the boss is home with a cold.

What word goes in the blank?
A. although
B. because
C. with
D. however



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May 17

Do you know the difference between Japanese green tea and English tea? Actually, they come from the exact same plant! The difference is that English tea is fermented, while green tea is not.

There are many different types of tea, all prepared in different ways.

Why does tea help you stay awake? One story says a monk who fell asleep while meditating cut off his offending eyelids, and they became the first tea plant.



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May 16


より大きな地図で 無題 を表示

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May 16

“On-line shopping has changed the way we do business. It’s a whole new ball game!”

When a field or situation changes drastically, we say it’s a “whole new ball game.” This is a sports metaphor. If all the rules of baseball changed, it would be a very different game.


分野や状況に激しい変化が起こるときに「whole new ball game」だと言います。これはスポーツのメタファー(比喩)です。野球のルールが全部変わったら、今の野球とかなり違うゲームになります

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May 15

“He has been nursing that drink all night!”

To nurse a drink is to drink it little by little. Someone might nurse a drink when he does not want to drink too much alcohol, or does not want to spend much money on drinks. (It doesn’t have to be an alcoholic drink, though.) Or maybe he is just not thirsty!



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May 14

The top sign originally warned drivers to be careful of a speed bump on the road. The bottom sign warns drivers to be mindful that there are Cassowaries in the area. Cassowaries are the 3rd-largest bird in the world and can grow to 2m tall and a weight of 60kgs.

Some clever passer-by turned the top sign into a warning to the Cassowaries, of what may become of them if they don’t heed road safety warnings.




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May 12

“How do I look?” “That dress suits you very well.”

A piece of clothing or a color may suit one person better than another. What color looks best on you?




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May 11

The letter that you sent me it was very well written.

Which part of the sentence is incorrect?
A. that
B. it
C. well
D. written


ここは「The letter」がありますから「it」は要りません。同じ手紙をさしています。よって、正解はBです。

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