Dec 20

Winter holiday 2014年末年始お休みのお知らせ



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Dec 20

korien_dec20“Oh, by the way, the paint on that bench is wet. Don’t sit on it.”

“Now you tell me! I just sat down!”

We say “now you tell me” (or a variation, such as “now he tells me”) when we receive information just a little too late to be useful. If you warn me that your dog bites, but I have already tried to pet the dog and gotten bitten, I wish that you had told me a little bit sooner.




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Dec 19

korien_dec19“To design a good product, you must consider it from the user’s ______.”

Fill in the blank.
A. prospective
B. perspective
C. prescriptive
D. proscriptive



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Dec 18

korien_dec18alt1Platinum is a silver-white metal. It’s very rare and is more valuable than gold, although the price is more volatile than gold. It can be used for jewelry or decoration but it also has uses in technology and medicine.


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Dec 17

korien_dec17“When the boat sank, their investment went up in smoke.”

When something goes up in smoke, it is completely lost, as if it had burned up in a fire. It is especially fitting if it actually was lost in a fire. However, the fire is just a metaphor, so it could be lost in any way.


何かが up in smoke(煙と消える)と言うと、火事で燃えてしまったかのように完全になくなってしまう事です。本当に火事で焼失してしまった際の言い回しにぴったりですが、火はあくまでも例えなので何を失くした場合でも使える表現です。

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Dec 16

korien_dec16“In this city, most people own cars.”
“Most of my family has red hair.”

“Most” means “almost all” or “more than half” of a group or category. “In Japan, most people study English at school.”


Most とは、あるグループやカテゴリーの「ほとんど全て」や「半分以上」という意味です。「日本では、ほとんどの人が学校で英語を勉強します。」

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Dec 15

korien_dec15Beautiful winter scenes are a common theme for winter holiday cards. The forest looks very quiet covered in snow. With no leaves on the trees, it might be easier to catch a glimpse of a wild deer.


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Dec 13

korien_dec13“When he makes a promise, he never fails to fulfill it.”

If something or someone never fails to do something, it means they absolutely always do it. After all, if they didn’t do it one time, they would have failed to do it.

You can also say “It never fails” as an expression of frustration. If it rains and you’ve forgotten your umbrella, you can say “It never fails” to mean “It always rains when I forget my umbrella.” Maybe it’s a little exaggerated, though!




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Dec 12

Style: "Agfa"“I need this information as soon as possible. I appreciate your eventual reply.”

Find the mistake.
A. information
B. possible
C. appreciate
D. eventual


メールで「急いでほしい」と伝えるときに使うフレーズです。目上の人に送るとかなり偉そうに聞こえるので注意しましょう。さて問題は、早く返信してほしいのに Eventual(その内に)と言っています。 Eventual は形容詞ですが、よく副詞として I just started studying Spanish, but eventually I want to visit Mexico. の様な遠い未来の話、いつになるか分からない話などによく出てくる単語です。よって答えはDです。「その内に」の返信では困るので、「早い返信」をお願いしましょう。こういう場合によく使うフレーズはI appreciate your prompt reply です。

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Dec 11

korien_dec11_wikimediacommonsA mink is a dark-furred weasel-like animal. It’s in the same family as the otter and badger as well. If you’ve seen a mink, it was probably only the fur, as many mink are killed to make clothing.


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