Jul 15

“What did we say about climbing on the fence? That’s a big no-no.” 「フェンスに登ることについてなんって言ったっけ?ダメだよね。」

A no-noとはしてはいけないことです。小さな子供に使うフレーズですので、大人に向けて言う時は冗談で使います。かなり見下げている印象を与える事もあるので注意!

A “no-no” is something you aren’t allowed to do. We usually use this phrase for small children, so if you use it with an adult it will come off as joking at best, patronizing at worst.

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Jul 08

“He said it was a gerbil, not a mouse, but I think that’s just splitting hairs.” 「ネズミではなくアレチネズミだと言ったけど、それはたいして違わないでしょう。」

Splitting hairs(毛を割る)はあまり違わないことを区別する時に使う表現です。その違いが取るに足らないと思ったらsplitting hairsと言います。髪の毛一本を縦に切るみたいなイメージで、難しいけど必要ありません。シェイクスピアの時代より前から使われている表現です。

Splitting hairs is making a distinction between things that are not very different. You can say it’s splitting hairs to show you don’t think the difference is important. It sounds like cutting a single hair in half, which is difficult and unnecessary. This phrase has been used since before Shakespeare’s time.

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Jul 01

“The teacher took him to task when he forgot his homework twice in a row.” 「連続で宿題を忘れたので先生は彼を叱った。」

誰かを「take to task」するということは、悪いことしたのを責める、叱るということです。その人がしたことをforを使って示せます:「彼が汚れた服を床に置いておいたことを叱った。」

To take someone to task is to criticize or scold them for doing something wrong. You can add “for” to show what it was the person did wrong: “She took him to task for leaving his dirty laundry on the floor.”

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Jun 24

“She just wants to have her cake and eat it too.” 「彼女はケーキを取っておきたいけど食べちゃいたい。」


If you get a beautifully decorated cake for your birthday, you might want to keep it and display it in your house. But you also want to eat it. It’s a cake, after all! But you cannot do both. If you eat your cake, you can’t keep it to display. We can use this phrase to describe someone who wants two things that are impossible to have at the same time.

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Jun 10



ご予約はこちらから、またはお電話 フリーダイヤル 0120-545-109まで。皆様のご予約お待ちしております。

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Apr 13

『I’ll give you a ring.』
A few years ago, a friend was leaving in Japan to return to England for the summer. 
He said to his girlfriend as he left, “When I get back, I’ll give you a ring.”
When he returned in September, she was expecting a wedding proposal.
He was going to give her a telephone call.

‘To ring’, in England, means make a telephone call.
In American English, they say,  ’to call’.

Be careful!



「to ring」 というのは、イギリスでは電話をかけることを意味する。
アメリカ英語では 「to call」 と言う。

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Mar 25

The vernal, or spring equinox, marks the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. This year it fell on March 20th.

We celebrate this in England with a nonsense poem

Spring has sprung
The grass has ris
I wonder where the birdies is?

Sprung is the past tense of the verb ‘spring’, like we would spring, or trigger a trap.

Ris is short for risen.

Birdies are birds, and of course plural, but ‘is’ is used to rhyme with ‘ris’ and for comic effect.

Happy spring!








Happy spring!

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Mar 21

Classroom Tip

After the Hello, Hello Song, use this Storytime video to introduce the Happy Valley 3 Unit 10 vocabulary and target language. Before playing the video, talk about the picture, doing Picture Talk to see what students notice. Then play the video. After, play the Unit 10 chants and follow the lesson plan, choosing an activity students would like as follow-up, or ask questions like Whose bag? Bring in as much realia as possible and students can pack the bag with the items they hear. Pretend to sleep. Set an alarm and when it goes off, everyone wakes up, gets a bag and goes to the Magic Tunnel. Remember to have them find the 10 grey targets in the picture, too! 


Hello, Hello Songの後に、このストーリータイム動画でハッピーバレー3ユニット10のボキャブラリーとターゲットランゲージを紹介します。動画の前にピクチャートークで生徒が何に気づくか見てみましょう。動画のあとは、ユニット10のチャントをしてから、レッスンプランに沿ってフォローアップアクティビティーをします。もしくは、Whose bag?などと質問します。本物の歯ブラシなどを用意し、聞いたアイテムをバッグに入れて生徒が実際の荷造りをします。次に寝たふりをします。目覚し時計が鳴ったら、皆が起きて、バッグを持ってマジックトンネルに行きます。10個の灰色のターゲットをみつけるのもお忘れなく!

At Home Tip

Play the entire Happy Valley 3 Unit 10 playlist, using this Storytime video and following the Classroom Tip above to help your child learn word and phrases. Follow the tips in the chant activities to have more fun with Unit 10!



Let us know what you think! What do you do? How did you find these tips? We’d love to see YOUR videos. 

ご意見をお聞かせ下さい! どの様にこの動画を活用しましたか? ヒントは役に立ちましたか?あなたの動画を是非見てみたいです。

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今週のおすすめ:Fun Card English: Can/Can’t. 楽しいカードで遊びながらcanとcan’tの使い方の練習ができます!

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Mar 18

For many years in the UK, the NHS (national health service) has promoted a campaign for public hygiene.

Catch it. Bin it. Kill it.

Catch your cough or sneeze in a tissue. Put it in the bin or flush it down the toilet as soon as possible. Kill the germs on your hands by washing them off.

Stay healthy everybody!

長年イギリスでは国民保険サービス(NHS:national health service)という機関が国民に向けて公共での衛生マナーを奨励しています。

Catch it. Bin it. Kill it.(バイキンをキャッチして、捨てて、退治する!)



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Mar 11

“In the desert, oases are few and far between.” 「砂漠ではオアシスが少ない。」

“You’ll probably have to take your trash home with you. Trash cans here are few and far between.” 「ゴミは持って帰ることになるでしょう。ここにゴミ箱は少ないです。」


When there are not many of something, there are few. If they are not all clustered together, there is a long distance between them. This makes them hard to find.

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