Nov 27

“I bought him some fancy cat food, but he just turned up his nose at it.” 「高い餌を買ってやったけど、食べなかった。」

“I try to feed my kids healthy, but they always turn up their noses at vegetables.” 「子供たちに健康的な食べ物をと思っているけれど、野菜を食べようとしない。」

「turn up your nose at~」とは何かを拒絶することを意味します。特に自分にふさわしくないと思うものに対して。

To “turn up your nose at” something is to reject it, especially because you think it’s not good enough for you.

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Nov 13

“Any chef worth his salt can make that.” 「シェフと呼ぶにふさわしいシェフならそれが作れるのが当たり前。」

“You’re lactose intolerant? Don’t worry. Any café worth its salt has soymilk nowadays.” 「乳糖不耐症なの?心配ない。最近ではちゃんとしたカフェは豆乳を置いているよ。」

「worth your salt」とは自分の仕事をしっかりとできるということです。それが作れないならシェフとしてはダメだ。最低限の条件に達していないカフェはダメなカフェだと私は思います。。

To be “worth your salt” is to be basically competent at your job. If a chef can’t make that, he’s a very bad chef. If a café doesn’t meet my basic requirements, I think it’s a bad café.

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Oct 30

“You liked the movie?” 「映画は気に入った?」

“It was out of this world!” 「すごかった!」

“You have to try this new cookie recipe I found. It’s out of this world!” 「すっごくおいしいクッキーのレシピを見つけた!ぜひためしてみて!」

Out of this worldとはすごく良い・かっこいいものを表すフレーズです。宇宙を指しているように聞こえますので、ジョークや言葉遊びなどにも使えます。

“Out of this world” is a phrase that describes something very good and cool. It sounds like it means something is in outer space, so it’s good for puns and wordplay.

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Oct 16

“He said you had to pay a fee to get the money? That’s the oldest trick in the book!” 「お金を受けとるのにお金を払いなさいと言った?そんなの詐欺だとバレバレだよ!」


“The oldest trick in the book” is a strategy to deceive someone, that is well-known and should be easy to spot. This phrase is often used to tell someone we’ve noticed their trick and are not going to fall for it, or to tell someone they shouldn’t have fallen for a trick.

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Oct 02

“Seeing my favorite singer in concert was the best day of my life, and getting his autograph was the icing on the cake!” 「ライブで大好きな歌手に会えたのは人生で最高の経験だったけど、さらにサインももらえるなんて!」

「Icing on the Cake(ケーキの上のアイシング)」はいいもの(ケーキ)をさらに良くするもの(クリーム)のメタファーです。皮肉な使い方で悪いことにも使えます:彼はお金を盗んだだけではなく、スタッフに失礼な態度をとった!

“The icing on the cake” is something good (icing) that makes a good thing (cake) even better. We can also use it sarcastically to talk about bad things: “Not only did he steal money, but he was rude to the staff. Just the icing on the cake.”

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Sep 04

Korien_sept4“My kids love all the same things. They’re like two peas in a pod!” 「うちの子供達は同じことが好きで、とてもよく似ている。まるでさやの中の二つの豆みたい!」


We can say two people, or other things, are very similar, by comparing them to peas. A bean pod contains several peas, and they all look the same. Imagine edamame or round green peas.

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Aug 21

korien_aug21“Can you lend me money for rent? I wouldn’t ask but I’m at the end of my rope.” 「家賃のためのお金を貸してくれない?普段は頼まないけどもう後がないんだ。」
“She was working two jobs but she didn’t have enough money to take care of her kids. She was at the end of her rope.” 「仕事を掛け持ちしていても子供たちのためのお金が足りなかった。大変な状態になっていた。」

誰かが「At the End of His Rope(ロープの先っぽまで)」来ているとはその人が深刻な問題を抱えているということです。何も手立てが残っていません。最後の手があれば使うときです。

When someone is at the end of their rope, they are in serious trouble. They have no options left to help themselves. They are down to their last option.

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Jul 24

korien_july24“You stay in bed and I’ll put on this comedy movie DVD. After all, laughter is the best medicine!” 「寝てていなさい。この喜劇のDVDをつけるね。笑いが一番の薬というでしょう?」


We say “laughter is the best medicine” because being happy and relaxed can help someone recover from an illness. Looking at it another way, being stressed and sad makes it harder to recover. So clowns visiting hospitals can help patients, but there are other ways to help them relax and feel better emotionally as well, such as visits from family, children or therapy animals.

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Jul 10

korien_july10“Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.” 「他人を判断する前にその靴を履いて一マイルを歩かなければいけない。」

「Walking in someone else’s shoes(他人の靴を履いて歩く)」というのはその人の視点から人生や世界を経験するという意味です。他人を理解する為にはその人の人生をしばらく送らなければわからないという考えです。

Walking in someone else’s shoes means to experience life and the world from that person’s perspective. The idea is that you must live the person’s life for a while in order to understand them.

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Jun 26

korien_june26“Oh, she’s so fluffy! Is she a Persian?” 「あら、ふわふわしていますね!ペルシアンですか?」
“No, she’s just a run-of-the-mill mixed breed cat.” 「いいえ、そこらへんにいる雑種猫ですよ。」
“Oh? Well she’s still very cute!” 「そう?でもすごくかわいい!」


Something that is run-of-the-mill is not very special and doesn’t stand out much. A mill is a factory (especially one that grinds wheat into flour). The things it makes are all the same. None of them are very different or stand out.

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