Dec 19

korien_dec19Many homes and businesses are decorated with elaborate lights and ornaments for the Christmas season. Have you seen any Christmas light displays this year?



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Dec 12

korien_dec12Do you know the song “Jingle Bells”? The bells are on the harness of a horse pulling a sleigh like this. This sleigh is pulled by two horses, but the sleigh in the song is a “one-horse open sleigh”.



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Dec 05

korien_dec5Santa doesn’t make all the toys he gives to children himself! Elves help him to make them all. This elf looks very young, though.



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Nov 28

korien_nov28The camellia is a flower from Asia. You shouldn’t give camellias to people recovering in the hospital. It’s easy for the whole flower to fall off, which isn’t a good image for recovery.



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Nov 21

korien_nov21Tangerines are closely related to mandarin oranges and Japanese citrus (mikan). They say you should eat them in winter to get some vitamin C and strengthen your immune system against colds.


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Nov 14

korien_nov14Pansies come in white, yellow, purple and blue. The names “pansy”, “viola” and “violet” are often used for the same flowers—even though they might not be purple!


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Nov 07

korien_nov7What are these strange spiky green things? Do the green stripes seem familiar? They are actually cucumbers. These ones are only for decoration, not for eating.


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Oct 31

korien_oct31Children dress up in costumes for Halloween. Adults dress up too if they are going to a Halloween party. But what about dogs? For some dogs, it’s fun to dress up in a special dog costume for Halloween.



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Oct 24

korien_oct24Is it possible for a spider to be cute? Or are they always scary? This spider has big eyes, so perhaps some people will find it cute. What do you think?



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Oct 17

korien_oct17Bats are one of the scary animals we think of around Halloween. Is this bat scary? Or is it funny? Its tongue is sticking out. Maybe it’s just cute!


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