Feb 19

“Maybe she’ll follow in his father’s footsteps and become a musician.” 「お父さんと同じように音楽家になるかしら。」

誰かと同じ道に進んだら「followed in their footsteps」というフレーズで表現します。あるキャリアを持つ、遠いところへ行くなど大きなことに使うフレーズです。自分の家族、芸術家、有名人など自分があこがれる人と同じ道をむかもしれませんね。

If you do the same thing as someone, we can say you “followed in their footsteps”. This phrase is usually used for large things like a career or travel to a distant place. You might follow in the footsteps of an older family member or someone you admire, like an artist or famous person.

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