Oct 02

“Seeing my favorite singer in concert was the best day of my life, and getting his autograph was the icing on the cake!” 「ライブで大好きな歌手に会えたのは人生で最高の経験だったけど、さらにサインももらえるなんて!」

「Icing on the Cake(ケーキの上のアイシング)」はいいもの(ケーキ)をさらに良くするもの(クリーム)のメタファーです。皮肉な使い方で悪いことにも使えます:彼はお金を盗んだだけではなく、スタッフに失礼な態度をとった!

“The icing on the cake” is something good (icing) that makes a good thing (cake) even better. We can also use it sarcastically to talk about bad things: “Not only did he steal money, but he was rude to the staff. Just the icing on the cake.”

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