Nov 28

“The first time I heard this song, I thought it was annoying, but my kids kept playing it and it grew on me.”

If something grows on you, you don’t like it at first, but over time you start to like it more. This can be true of many things—a movie you didn’t like the first time you saw it, a food you didn’t like the first time you ate it, a book that you didn’t like at the beginning but were enjoying by the end—and also people you don’t like when you first meet them.


何かが「grow on (誰か)」すれば、最初は好きではなかったものが、時間とともに好きになってくるという意味です。初めて観たときは好きじゃなかった映画、初めて食べたときはおいしくないと感じた食べ物、読みだしたころはつまらなかったけど最後は面白く感じた本―初めて会ったときは好きになれなかった人。といったように様々な状況に使えます。

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