Jun 22


This month we’re making presentations about food! Some classes are making a poster to share information about a kind of food they chose. Others are designing their own restaurant. Some classes will draw on the classroom whiteboard and record a video. The teachers are helping with preparations and research!

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Jun 15


For June, our theme is food! To introduce the theme, we learned about food groups. Some classes colored in these pictures of food and matched them to the food groups in which they belong. It’s an interesting topic for students of all ages. What do you think? Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?

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May 25


Months in Japanese are easy to remember, but not so in English! The names of many months are hard to spell—especially February! In this activity, we filled in the missing letters of the month names. It’s easier for older students, but still challenging! The pictures for each month also show cultural differences between countries—this calendar was clearly made in the USA! This activity is part of the “time and numbers” theme for this month.

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Apr 06


One of the first themes we tried was shopping. It’s great for roleplays! You can get a toy cash register and money, but you can also just use any toys you happen to have to stock your students’ shop. Students can also draw things to buy and sell on paper or on the whiteboard, or use flashcards. Most kids enjoy pretending to run a shop, so all we have to do is add English!

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