Nov 26

korien_nov26“I’m rooting for the Tigers in this game. They’re the underdogs.”

The underdog or underdogs are the side of a game that seems likely to lose. If the teams or players are evenly matched, there is no underdog. If it’s logical to expect that a certain team or player will lose, they are the underdog.

It’s very exciting when the underdog wins, because the odds are against them. Many sports fans like to support underdogs.


Underdogとは勝ち目のないチームや選手のことです。互角の勝負の場合は underdog はいません。論理的に考えて負ける確率が大きいチームや選手がいれば、そっちが underdog です。

勝つ確率が低いので、Underdog が勝ったらとても感動します。Underdog を応援するのが好きなファンはたくさんいます。

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