Jan 27

korien_jan27(1)“Could I perhaps borrow an umbrella?”
“Sure! We have plenty!”

Plenty is more than enough. If there is plenty of something, there is enough for everyone who needs it, plus some extra. “Make sure there’s plenty of soda for the party tomorrow.” (We don’t want the party guests to worry that they are drinking too much soda or that it will run out.)


Plenty は enough よりも多い状態です。必要な数以上(余分)に何かがあるということです。「明日のパーティーの為に十分ソーダを用意しといてね。」(パーティーのゲストにソーダを飲みすぎているとか、足りなくなるという様な心配をさせない為にたくさん用意します。)

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